Friday, February 3, 2012

Bold and Spicy Chex Mix Recipe

I've been on a Chex "kick" lately.  Perhaps I was inspired by the recipes on the back of the box?  I decided to try something different, at the request of my husband, and put together a Bold and Spicy Chex mix.  I couldn't find an exact recipe to use online, but I was able to find one to get me started (Chic's bold Chex Mix).  I used that recipe for inspiration and here's what I adapted to our taste:

Bold and Spicy Chex Mix

5 cups Rice Chex
3 cups Wheat Chex
2 cups garlic flavored bagel chips
1 cup peanuts
1 cup pretzels
3/4 cup butter
5 Tbsp worchestershire sauce
2 Tbsp Tony's Cajun seasoning
4 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder

First combine all the chex, chips, peanuts and pretzels in a big bowl.  Then, melt the butter and add all the seasonings (be sure to whisk really well).  Mix together and spread in a big roasting pan (I used two smaller pans since I didn't have a roasting pan).  Bake at 250 for 1 hour, stirring every 15 minutes.  Mine was still a little damp when it came out of the oven, so I spread it out on wax paper to dry.  Here's the end result:

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  1. Delicious!!! Thank you for sharing your recipe!